Wall Mounted Dental X Ray Machine

Digital imaging provided by wall-mounted X-ray machines allows for instant image viewing, storage, and sharing. This leads to more efficient patient care, reducing waiting times and enhancing your practice's productivity.

  • RIXI
  • China
  • Within 7-15 days
  • over 1000 unit per month



wall mount dental x ray

Wall Mounted Dental X-Ray Machines are designed to provide exceptional image clarity and precision. With advanced imaging technology, they enable dentists to identify even the minutest dental issues, allowing for early intervention and more accurate diagnoses.

wall mounted x ray machine

These machines are engineered with patient safety in mind. They utilize the latest advancements in radiation reduction technology, ensuring minimal exposure without compromising on the quality of diagnostic images. This is a significant step toward enhancing patient safety and comfort.


Frequency 30KHz
Focus Point0.3mm
Time of Exposure0.5-9s
Radiation Leakage<20 μm gy/h
Rate Power60W

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