Portable Handheld Dental X Ray Machine

The Portable Handheld Dental X-ray Machine is one such innovation that is changing the dental treatment. This lightweight device is transforming the way dental professionals capture radiographic images.

  • RIXI
  • China
  • Within 7-15 days
  • over 100 unit per month



handheld x ray machine

The portability of these devices allows practitioners to take high-quality radiographic images with ease. Whether it's chairside imaging, an emergency visit, or a mobile dental clinic, this handheld device brings X-ray capabilities to wherever they are needed.

handheld dental x ray machine

The user-friendly interface of the portable handheld dental X-ray machine simplifies the process for dental professionals. 

handheld x ray machine dental

Modern handheld dental X-ray machines are often more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional stationary machines. 

handheld x ray machine

Dental practitioners can instantly view and assess radiographs, ensuring accuracy and making on-the-spot treatment decisions. This feature is invaluable for procedures requiring immediate feedback, such as endodontic treatments or implant placements.

handheld dental x ray machine


ModelHyper Light
Focal Spot0.4
Tube Voltage65KV
Tube Current2.5mA
Exposure Time Range0.02-2S
Line Voltage100V-240V  50Hz/60Hz


handheld x ray machine dental

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