Mobile Dental Full Mouth X Ray Machine

Digital dental x-ray machine are compact, lightweight, and easy to maneuver. This portability allows dentists to perform X-ray imaging directly at the patient's chairside.It enhances convenience and efficiency in dental practices, especially in situations where immediate imaging is required.

Portable intraoral x ray machine offer improved patient comfort.Digital dental intraoral X Ray machine are designed to emit minimal radiation, adhering to safety standards and ensuring patient safety.

Handheld dental X-ray machines are versatile tools that can be used for various dental imaging needs. They can capture intraoral X-rays, providing detailed images of individual teeth, root structures, and surrounding X-ray machines are also suitable for taking bitewing X-rays to evaluate interproximal areas and detect early signs of decay.

  • RIXI
  • China
  • Within 15-30 days
  • over 100 unit per month



mouth x ray machine

full mouth x ray machine

Dental digital X-Ray machine,can maximize your diagnostic potential

mobile dental x ray machine

Designed with safety in mind,dental X-Ray machine has been built-in leaded double shield to protect the operator form leakage radiation

and X-Ray machine is eqipped locking system to prevent unintentional expouse.

mouth x ray machine

Dental X-Ray machine can simplify your digital workflow,

Compact size and lightweight can make you operate dental x-ray machine by one hand only

full mouth x ray machine


ModelHyper Light
Focal Spot0.4
Tube Voltage65KV
Tube Current2.5mA
Exposure Time Range0.02-2S
Line Voltage100V-240V  50Hz/60Hz


mobile dental x ray machine

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