Dental Radiology X Ray Machine Online

RIXI handheld X-ray machine is designed with mobility in mind. Say goodbye to bulky, stationary units and embrace the freedom to move effortlessly around your practice. Conduct X-rays chairside, in the operatory, or even in remote locations with ease.

  • RIXI
  • China
  • Within 7-15 days
  • over 1000 unit per month



dental x ray machine online

Speed up your workflow and improve patient throughput with our portable solution. No more waiting for centralized X-ray units or cumbersome film development. Get results instantly and provide timely treatment options.

dental radiology machine

portable dental x ray

Don't compromise on image quality. Our X-ray machine delivers crystal-clear, high-resolution images that provide critical diagnostic information. With this precision, you can make accurate treatment decisions and ensure the best possible care for your patients.


Frequency 30KHz
Focus Point0.3mm
Time of Exposure0.5-9s
Radiation Leakage<20 μm gy/h
Rate Power60W


dental x ray machine online

dental radiology machine

We understand the importance of patient comfort. Our portable X-ray machine emits lower levels of radiation while maintaining diagnostic image quality. This means reduced exposure for your patients and a more comfortable experience during X-ray procedures.

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