Dental Endodontic Gutta Percha Points Paper Points

RIXI Dental Gutta Percha Points are meticulously crafted to provide an impeccable seal in root canals. They offer exceptional flexibility, allowing you to navigate even the most challenging canal anatomy, ensuring a snug and long-lasting seal.

  • RIXI
  • China
  • Within 15-30 days
  • over 100000 boxes per month



gutta percha points paper points

 Gutta Percha Points are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring uniformity and consistency in size, shape, and material composition, so you can trust in the reliability of each point.


endodontic gutta percha points

gutta percha points

RIXI Gutta Percha Points are available in various sizes and tapers to accommodate a wide range of cases. This diversity ensures that you can select the perfect fit for each patient's unique needs, enhancing the success rate of your endodontic procedures.


gutta percha points paper points

RIXI gutta percha points are radiopaque, simplifying post-operative assessments and ensuring the accurate evaluation of the obturation quality, leading to more successful outcomes.

RIXI Gutta Percha Points are biocompatible and safe, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions or adverse effects, making them an ideal choice for every patient.

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